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Prayer Plant, Mystifying

Lighting Plant
Spread Hardiness
Sun Part Shade   8-10"   Potting Soil      All 

Cannot be shipped to: CA
Description Qty Price Order Qty
Prayer Plant, Mystifying 1 $3.99
Prayer Plant, Mystifying 2 $6.99

Prayer Plant, Mystifying

Item # 1027

Rare, unique wonder!

See this rare plant fold its leaves as if in prayer! The Mystifying Prayer Plant closes up every night and opens every morning! This remarkable and beautiful plant that, in the solitude of evening, seems to pray will enthrall you. Every evening it folds its leaves like hands in prayer and every morning it spreads them wide again. The Mystifying Prayer Plant leaves are large, variegated and a blend of several lovely shades of green. Thrives anywhere! You'll receive strong, well-established plants.

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