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Holly, Red Beauty

Lighting Plant
Spread Hardiness
Sun Part Shade   7-10’   well drained   4-5’   5-10 

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Holly, Red Beauty 1 $14.99
Holly, Red Beauty 2 $26.99
Holly, Red Beauty 3 $36.99

Holly, Red Beauty

Item # 3270 Ilex x ‘Rutzan’ Red Beauty PP#15,477

A beautiful specimen or hedge!

Most holly require male for pollination and only a female will have berries. But this exciting new variety is self-pollinating, so every plant will form beautiful, red berry clusters. Versatile and easy to care for, the dense form of this conical, 7-10’ upright holly is a stunning addition to large gardens and natural areas. Maintains its form with little to no pruning. Plant it in front of a picture window, frame an entrance, or line your driveway and enjoy stringing with lights for living Christmas trees. Compact grower has evergreen, semi-glossy, spiny leaves with an abundance of bright red berries in the fall that birds love. Spectacular display every year! Plant 4-5’ apart in full to partial sun. Deer resistant.

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