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Palm, Mediterranean Fan

Lighting Plant
Spread Hardiness
Sun Part Shade   15'   well drained   5-10'   8-10 

Description Qty Price Order Qty
Palm, Mediterranean Fan 1 $11.99
Palm, Mediterranean Fan 2 $19.99

Palm, Mediterranean Fan

Item # 3336 Chamaerops humilis

Without a doubt, one of the most hardy palms available! Cold hardy to below 10 degrees perfect for tropical gardens that will need to survive a frost! Drought tolerant, durable in heat, can survive in harsh urban conditions and is somewhat salt resistant so can be grown near the ocean given moderate protection. Attractive, evergreen, triangular fronds grow 20-24 long by 24 wide, and are supported on 3-4 stems. This speciman is extremely varied in plant color, ranging from blue-green to gray-green or even yellow-green. Small, bright yellow flowers appear in spring on clumps reaching 15 in height. Makes a delightful natural sculpture to grace your patio or entryway. Excellent in containers or large planters both indoors or out. Planted in groupings they will accent that hard-to-garden, bare corner of your yard. Space 5-10 apart in full to part sun with well-drained soil.

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