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Dahlia, Smartie

Lighting Plant
Spread Hardiness
Sun   18-24"   Well drained      all, hardy to 8 

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Dahlia, Smartie 1 $4.99
Dahlia, Smartie 2 $8.49

Dahlia, Smartie

Item # 4486

On our trips to Holland, we continue to be amazed at the terrific colors and flower forms that are being developed by master breeders. Discovered in the 16th Century in what is today Mexico, dahlias were eventually brought to Europe by the Spanish where they became a favorite amongst aristocrats. The tremendous diversity present in the Dahlia family is due to the fact that they have 8 genes, while most flowering plants have only 2 genes. We have assembled some of the newest varieties for you to enjoy in your garden.

Smartie is a lower growing dahlia that produces lots of single purple and white flowers. Each flower has a different color pattern. The smaller plant makes Smartie a great choice for a container or as an edger.

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