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Poplar, Lombardy 3-4

Lighting Plant
Spread Hardiness
Sun   30-50'         3-9 

Description Qty Price Order Qty
Poplar, Lombardy 3-4'
(Reg. 1 for $4.25)
1 $2.95
Poplar, Lombardy 3-4'
(Reg. 2 for $7.90)
2 $5.75
Poplar, Lombardy 3-4'
(Reg. 10 for $35.00)
10 $24.95

Poplar, Lombardy 3-4'

Item # 4635 Populus nigra

Fast grower!

An improved variety of Lombardy Poplar that is more disease resistant and longer lived. A tall, fast grower, Lombardy Poplar quickly grows 40-50' high. Plant 5-6' apart for screening, windbreaks and backgrounds. Zone down to 3. 3-4' trees shipped.

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