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Calla Lily Mixed

Lighting Plant
Spread Hardiness
Sun Part Shade   15-18"      6-8   9 - 11 

Description Qty Price Order Qty
Calla Lily Mixed 3 $8.99
Calla Lily Mixed 6 $16.99

Calla Lily Mixed

Item # 4643 Zantedeschia

BEST BUY from Royal Dutch Gardens

A beautiful new Calla Lily hybrid that is as colorful and exotic as tropical fish. The blooms resemble cup-shaped, upright trumpets that add warm, clear hues to the summer garden. Expect a little bit of everything in this bargain. Fragrant, pastel blooms of yellow, red, apricot, pink, lavender and white, plus some unique combinations that twill surprise you. Flowers so perfect, the waxy blooms shimmer with brilliance. Calla Lilies are excellent in patio pots and planters. They prefer rich garden soil in full sun or partial shade and are hardy in zones 9-10. In other zones, lift in fall and store over winter or plant in pots for an indoor plant.

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