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Strawberry Bargain

Lighting Plant
Spread Hardiness
Sun   8-10"   Moist, Well Drained   12"   4 - 8 

Description Qty Price Order Qty
Strawberry Bargain 25 $5.99
Strawberry Bargain 50 $11.79
Strawberry Bargain 100 $22.50

Strawberry Bargain

Item # 5222 Fragaria

Strawberry Bargains!

We never know which one of our fine berries our customers will order. So we never come out even! This is why we're offering you the variety we have the most of at the time -- at greatly reduced prices. We can't tell you which variety you will receive -- Giant Robinson, Ozark Beauty, Ft. Laramie or Quinault. But they are all our regular top-quality berries. We'll fill your order -- just as long as they last, so order as many as you can use at these bargain prices. Fertilize 2-3 times during the growing season.

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