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Poplar, Screen Hybrid 2-3

Lighting Plant
Spread Hardiness
Sun   60'   Any   20-25'   3 - 9 

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Poplar, Screen Hybrid 2-3'
(Reg. 2 for $6.95)
2 $3.47
Poplar, Screen Hybrid 2-3'
(Reg. 5 for $15.95)
5 $7.97
Poplar, Screen Hybrid 2-3'
(Reg. 10 for $29.95)
10 $14.97
Poplar, Screen Hybrid 2-3'
(Reg. 20 for $57.95)
20 $28.97
Poplar, Screen Hybrid 2-3'
(Reg. 40 for $109.95)
40 $54.97

Poplar, Screen Hybrid 2-3'

Item # 5247 Populus deltoides x populus nigra

When you need shade in a hurry, we suggest the fast-growing Hybrid Screen Poplar. We haven't found any tree that grows like it. It has a spread of 10' and in just a few years, at maturity, it reaches 20-25' wide.


It normally lives 30-50 years. It is wind, disease, and insect-resistant. And it can take the cold as far north as Canada. This is not the short-lived Lombardy poplar. The Hybrid Screen Poplar is often used to reforest after forest fire, and to reclaim land after strip mining. But, the best use is to provide beauty and quick, cool shade for new homes.

The screen variety makes an ideal privacy hedge. It grows to a dense screen usually in 3 years. Plant for quick windbreaks on farms and or living snow fences. Salt tolerant.

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