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Lighting Plant
Spread Hardiness
Sun Part Shade   12-15"   Well drained   2-3'   4 - 9 

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Wintercreeper 3 $3.49
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Wintercreeper 24 $24.99


Item # 5572 Euonymus fortunei 'Coloratus'

The ground cover for all seasons!

Purple Leaf Wintercreeper is a great year round ground cover for you to plant that is extremely hardy and flourishes even in sub-zero areas. Green leaves spring and summer and purplish red leaves in fall and winter. A ground cover that does not lose its leaves in winter. Presents a colorful, fresh appearance throughout the year.

Stops erosion on steep banks!

As Purple Leaf Wintercreeper grows and spreads over the ground, each of its many stems forms roots. One of the best ways to join the ecological battle to preserve our natural resources is by planting Red-Leaved Wintercreeper. As it binds the soil, not only from its original roots, but from roots along the stems, it effectively prevents the blowing and washing away of precious topsoil.

Plant 2-3' apart -- cover large areas economically!

Because of their unique habit of growth, you can fill large areas economically. Plant under trees where grass won't grow. Can be planted up to 3' apart. Once planted, no shearing or other maintenance is required -- take care of themselves! Grows 12-15" tall. Field grown plants.

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