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Cypress, Leyland

Lighting Plant
Spread Hardiness
Sun   20-70'   any   6'   6-10 

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Cypress, Leyland
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Cypress, Leyland
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Cypress, Leyland
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Cypress, Leyland
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24 $75.99

Cypress, Leyland

Item # 5922 X Cupressocyparis leylandii

This hardy, fast growing evergreen is a hybrid of two U.S. trees. It grows thick and fast to provide you with a solid, living wall. The evergreen leaves continue to provide privacy even in winter! This amazing plant tolerates a wide range of conditions including pollution, salt spray, and poor soils. The soft feathery evergreen leaves can be left unpruned for an informal look or sheared and shaped for a formal look. One of the most popular trees in the U.S. for use as a quick boundary, screen, shelter belt, or hedge due to their rapid growth. Has a nice pyramidal shape and needs full sun. Reaches a height of 60-70' if planted alone or 20-30' if planted as a hedge. Plant 6' apart for a privacy hedge.

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