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Bean, Yard Long

Lighting Plant
Spread Hardiness
Sun   3'   Well drained   12-18"   All 

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Bean, Yard Long
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Bean, Yard Long
Jumbo Pkt
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Bean, Yard Long
1/4 lb.
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Bean, Yard Long

Item # 6054 Vigna unguiculata sesquipedalis

Picture yourself next to this bean!

The Yard Long Bean is a delicious green bean, as well as an interesting curiosity -- this is the bean to have your picture taken with for the local newspaper. Vines are rampant growers and produce an enormous crop of long, slender, round pods the thickness of a pencil. Young beans are tender when picked at 12-15 inches long, and of fine flavor and quality as snap beans. Yard Long Beans mature in 70 days.

Planting guide: After danger of frost is past and ground has become warm, plant in hills three feet apart in the row, 5 to 6 seeds to a hill. Plant 1 inch deep if planted in light soil, less in heavy soil. Poles should be set before beans are planted.

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