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Corn, Peaches and Cream Improved Early

Lighting Plant
Spread Hardiness
Sun   6 1/2'   Well drained   12-18"   All 

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Corn, Peaches and Cream Improved Early
1 $2.49

Corn, Peaches and Cream Improved Early

Item # 6118 Zea mays var. rugosa

The tastiest sweet corn you will ever eat!

There are 2 strains of this most wonderful eating two-color corn. Both are extra tender, extra sweet and with flavor that is incomparable. The kernels run about 80% golden yellow and 20% white. Stays in edible condition longer than any other variety. The main difference between the two varieties is the maturation date.

Improved Peaches and Cream EARLY variety grows 6 feet tall and produces 2 ears 7-7 inches long with 14-16 rows of kernels. Mature in only 70 days!


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