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Spirea, Bridal White 10-15"

1 Sale

Lighting Plant
Spread Hardiness
Sun   6'   Any   6'   4 - 8 

Deer Resistant

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Spirea, Bridal White 10-15", 1¢ Sale 1 $4.95  
Spirea, Bridal White 10-15", 1¢ Sale 2 $4.96
Spirea, Bridal White 10-15" 5 $11.95
Spirea, Bridal White 10-15" 10 $23.25
Spirea, Bridal White 10-15" 25 $44.95

Spirea, Bridal White 10-15"

Item # 6142 Spiraea vanhouttei

Grows anywhere!

The Bridal White Spirea creates a cascading waterfall of white as it blooms in June with masses of flowers so thick you can barely see the leaves. Grows and flowers well under adverse growing conditions. The Bridal White Spirea is hardy even in coldest areas; grows and blooms in sun or shade, in any soil; tolerates smoke and unfavorable city conditions. Grows fast up to 6' tall. For hedge use, plant 2' apart; individual planting 6' apart. Strong 10-15" plants.

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