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Blackberry, Everbearing Darrow

Lighting Plant
Spread Hardiness
Sun   4-7'   well drained   3-5'   4-8 

Description Qty Price Order Qty
Blackberry, Everbearing Darrow 4 $9.99
Blackberry, Everbearing Darrow 8 $18.49
Blackberry, Everbearing Darrow 12 $25.99

Blackberry, Everbearing Darrow

Item # 6151 Rubus

HUGE, berries fill a basket quickly!

Here's a real taste delight! The Darrow Blackberry was developed at the New York Experimental Station to bring you the best in flavor and spectacular crops year after year. The berries themselves are exceptionally large and sugar sweet. One of the most winter hardy blackberries! Ripen early and continue over a large period.

Proved 100% fruitful. Sweet Darrow Blackberry bushes are very thrifty, vigorous growing bushes that are exceptionally hardy -- having withstood temperatures of 22 below zero. The bushes are upright with very strong canes, being able to hold up a heavy crop without breaking down. Quick Crop Plants, 2 - year transplanted. Special reduced quantity prices!

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