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Blueberry, Bluecrop Premium

Lighting Plant
Spread Hardiness
Sun   4-5'   Moist, Sandy, Acidic   4-5'   4 - 7 

Description Qty Price Order Qty
Blueberry, Bluecrop Premium 1 $9.99
Blueberry, Bluecrop Premium 2 $19.49
Blueberry, Bluecrop Premium 4 $37.99
Blueberry, Bluecrop Premium 6 $54.99

Blueberry, Bluecrop Premium

Item # 6163 Vaccinium c.

Ripens in mid-July - midseason

The cultivated forms of blueberries are easy to grow in acid soil and are practically free from disease and insect pests. (Neutral soils can be made acid by application of acid peat or sulphur.) For better pollination we suggest you plant at least two varieties. With each order we furnish complete cultural directions. The three varieties we offer are all of large size, excellent quality and heavy bearers. They grow 4-5' high and differ primarily in their ripening season. Good for freezing or in jams and jellies.
Blueberries in general:Do not use stable manure or lime when preparing soil. Do not prune for first two years. Third year and after, prune out approx. 1/3 of the canes which should be old wood, 3 years or older. Blueberries produce on new growth, pruning will promote growth and increase fruit yield.

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