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Pear, Bartlett Std 1-3

Lighting Plant
Spread Hardiness
Sun   18'   Well drained   18'   5-8 

Description Qty Price Order Qty
Pear, Bartlett Std 1-3' 1 $9.99
Pear, Bartlett Std 1-3' 2 $19.49

Pear, Bartlett Std 1-3'

Item # 6178

Sweet and aromatic!

A large, yellow pear, very sweet and aromatic. Bartlett Standard Pear Trees bear quickly and are highly productive. Shipped 1-3' trees. Early season producer.

Self-fruitful, but will produce heavier yields if pollinated with another variety.

Other standard pear varieties available include the Kieffer.

This Bartlett pear tree is also available in the Super Fruit Tree Collection.

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