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Peach, Red Haven Std 1-3

Lighting Plant
Spread Hardiness
Sun   15'      15'   5 - 8 

Cannot be shipped to: AZ,CA,WA
Description Qty Price Order Qty
Peach, Red Haven Std 1-3' 1 $9.99
Peach, Red Haven Std 1-3' 2 $19.49

Peach, Red Haven Std 1-3'

Item # 6192 Amydalus Persicacawaid

Extra early harvest!

The Red Haven Standard peaches boast a bright yellow-red fleshed freestone fruit. America's finest early variety! It is hardy and heavy bearing. Ripens late July -- a month before Elberta. 1-3' trees sent.

Self-fruitful Red Haven Standard peach does not need a pollinator, however will do even better if two are planted.

Other Standard Peach varieties available include the Hale Haven and Elberta.

This Red Haven tree is also offered in the Super Fruit Tree Collection.

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