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Daylily, Old-Fashioned

Lighting Plant
Spread Hardiness
Sun   24"   Any   12"   3 - 10 

Description Qty Price Order Qty
Daylily, Old-Fashioned 5 $1.99
Daylily, Old-Fashioned 10 $3.79
Daylily, Old-Fashioned 20 $7.29
Daylily, Old-Fashioned 40 $13.99

Daylily, Old-Fashioned

Item # 6238 Hermerocallis fulva

Practically any soil or climate!

A rapidly growing ground cover! These beauties turned American rural roads into blazes of color! Old-Fashioned daylilies grow about 2 feet tall in practically any soil or climate. Start producing lovely 4-5" bright orange blooms starting next summer. Each perfect bloom on the Old-Fashioned daylily lasts one day, but each plant easily produces 50 blooms or more for a profusion of new orange beauty, day after day.

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