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Grape, New Himrod

Lighting Plant
Spread Hardiness
Sun   4-10'   Moist, well drained   6-7'   5 - 8 

Cannot be shipped to: ID,WA
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Grape, New Himrod 1 $6.99
Grape, New Himrod 2 $12.99
Grape, New Himrod 4 $24.99
Grape, New Himrod 6 $36.79

Grape, New Himrod

Item # 6599 Vitis labrusca 'Himrod'

Great sweet seedless grape!

This golden amber grape is noted for its sweet fruit and is similar to expensive grapes found at the market. First to ripen -- a month ahead of Concord. Disease resistant.

Sweet seedless grapes are becoming increasingly popular with our customers. We include 3 excellent varieties. Under adverse conditions a few seeds may develop but this is unusual.

Other sweet seedless varieties include the Concord and the Canadice (both seedless varieties).

This Seedless Himrod is also offered in the Seedless Grape Collection.

Grapes in general: Grapes are easy to grow and with a little careful effort the home gardener will be rewarded with large crops of fruit, perfect for wine, jams and fresh eating. Grape vines usually begin producing fruit the second or third year after planting and a mature vine will produce 15-20 pounds annually. These vines also have desirable ornamental value and are an ideal, natural privacy screen.

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