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Strawberry, Ozark Beauty

Lighting Plant
Spread Hardiness
Sun   8-10"   Any   24"   4 - 8 

Description Qty Price Order Qty
Strawberry, Ozark Beauty 25 $6.99
Strawberry, Ozark Beauty 50 $12.99
Strawberry, Ozark Beauty 100 $24.99

Strawberry, Ozark Beauty

Item # 6601 Fragaria

Top producer - unmatched for taste!

Best everbearing strawberries of all time! For a steady supply of delicious strawberries from spring to fall, plant this popular everbearer. The Ozark Beauty Strawberry plant produces excellent quality berries that are bright red, amazingly large and firm with a sweet, luscious flavor. The Ozark Beauty Strawberry plants are vigorous, hardy plants that need no pampering. Limited supply of plants, so be sure to order early to avoid disappointment. Good for canning, freezing and preserves.

Strawberries in general:
Everbearing Strawberries produce an early summer crop and also a fall crop with some berries on and off all summer. Tip: Pinch off blooms for first two months on everbearing strawberries to promote larger harvest.
June bearing strawberries produce a single crop each year during a 2-3 week period. Tip: If you get blooms the first year while the plant is getting established pinch the blooms off to ensure a large fruit crop the next year.

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