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Luffa Sponge

Lighting Plant
Spread Hardiness
Sun   10-15'   Well drained   3-4'   All 

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Luffa Sponge
1 $1.00
Luffa Sponge
Jumbo Pkt.
1 $2.49

Luffa Sponge

Item # 6835 Luffa cylindrica

Produces sponges AND delicious vegetables!

The Luffa Sponge is a rapid-growing, ivy-like plant that has pretty flowers. Grows well along a wall. When young, stuff and bake, as you would squash. When fruit matures, in 130 days, peel the hard skin off and you have a fibrous good quality sponge for the kitchen, bath, and washing the car. Outlasts sea or synthetic sponges.

Planting guide: Sow one inch deep in any garden soil when it is well warmed and frosts have passed. Thin out the seedlings to stand 2 to 3 feet apart.

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