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Fern, Cinnamon

1 Sale

Lighting Plant
Spread Hardiness
Part Shade Shade   2-5'   well drained   2-3'   3 - 8 

Deer Resistant

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Fern, Cinnamon 32 $53.99

Fern, Cinnamon

Item # 6928 Osmunda cinnamomea

Year after year of lush cool fronds!

Luxuriant and beautiful in cool, shady, problem spots you may have around your home or garden. Extremely hardy, our Cinnamon Ferns will give you year after year of lush cool fronds, which often reach 5' feet in length. For low maintenance plants, fern should be your first choice. Try a few on the north side of you house or around some shady trees to give that tropical appearance. Cinnamon Ferns have beautiful foliage that can be cut and used in floral bouquets.

Deer reistant. For a rain garden.

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