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Ooze-Tube, Trees

Lighting Plant
Spread Hardiness

Description Qty Price Order Qty
Ooze-Tube, Trees 1 $14.99
Ooze-Tube, Trees 3 $42.99

Ooze-Tube, Trees

Item # 8476

These amazing Ooze-Tubes will ensure that your plants get a great start by receiving the constant supply of moisture they need to grow into beautiful healthy specimens quickly and easily! Just fill the water reservior, add fertilizer if desired, and this wonderful invention will continue to care for your plants for up to 2 weeks! Perfect for starting new trees or for caring for your yard and garden while you are on vacation. Also desirable for the weekend-only gardener or those with water restrictions. No more dragging the hose around and wasting water with run-off! The tube also covers the soil keeping it cool, while slowing down evaporation and blocking weed growth. We offer Ooze-Tubes for Trees and for Tomatoes.

Ooze-tube for trees have a 15 gallon capacity and fits up to 2" caliper trees.

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