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Cherry, Dwarf Flowering

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Lighting Plant
Spread Hardiness
Sun Part Shade   5'         All 

Cannot be shipped to: CA
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Cherry, Dwarf Flowering, 1¢ Sale 2 $4.98  
Cherry, Dwarf Flowering, 1¢ Sale 4 $4.99

Cherry, Dwarf Flowering

Item # 6223 Prunus besseyi

Hardy and Delicious!

Commonly called Sand Cherry. The Dwarf Flowering Cherry is an attractive, leathery leafed 5' flowering bush that makes an excellent hedge. It is a strong, drought resistant plant that grows as far north as Manitoba. Best of all it will produce fleshy, purple-black fruit delicious for eating right off the bush. Excellent sauces and eating from the bush. We recommend the Dwarf Flowering Cherry for its hardiness, beauty and delicious fruit. You receive sturdy, well-rooted 1 1/2-3' plants.

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