Real Wreaths

Fresh Handmade Wreaths

We provide the best fresh, fragrant holiday wreaths for personal use or gift giving. All wreaths are HANDMADE by our designers! Order online or call 309-662-7943! Real Wreaths from Direct Gardening.

Shipping Considerations...

Order any time before December 1st and we will ship your order the first week of December. Order by December 15th for delivery before Christmas. All orders will be carefully packaged to guarantee the freshest wreath possible.

Other Wreath Ideas...

Wreaths aren’t just for hanging on the front door! Use them to welcome guests to your home by:

  1. Creating a wreath centerpiece for your table.
  2. Hanging one or more wreaths from the banister of your stairs.
  3. Adding wreaths to an outdoor gate or fence line.
  4. Displaying a wreath in a large picture window.
  5. Featuring a decorative wreath above your fireplace mantle.

History of Wreaths

There’s something about a fresh green wreath that inspires holiday spirit and peace. Wreaths have been used throughout history as decorations of merit and celebration—for military heroes, athletes, aristocrats and peacemakers. Used as a symbol in pagan rituals for magical power and in Christian religions as a crowning symbol of majesty, wreath symbolism has developed over time. Current traditions include the use of evergreen boughs shaped into a circle to symbolize eternal grace, hope and joy. Many people choose to decorate with wreaths today because the quiet strength and simplicity of the holiday wreath remind us to spend time with family and friends, fostering peace and renewal.

Real Wreaths

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