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Canada's Jam - Apricot

Why does CANADA'S JAM taste so much better? Canadians are serious about their jams with

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Why does CANADA'S JAM taste so much better? Canadians are serious about their jams with strict industry classifications. CANADA'S JAM is classified as a PURE JAME which means it must contain at least 45% finished fruit by weight after canning and cannot contain sulfur dioxide, artificial color or preservatives. The ingredients are simple: berries, sweetener (sugar, glucose), pectin, and citric acid. Most American jams are classified as Pectinated Jams and may contain as little as 27% fruit, sulfur dioxide, color and preservatives. Only quality fruit is used in all CANADA'S JAM products. Our tin containers allow a fresher tasting and better quality controlled jam, possibly attributable to the prevention of exposure to various light sources and their harmful effects. The tin is also preferable to glass for use in outdoor activities and travel. Try it and your taste buds will come back for more!

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Canada's Jam - Apricot
Canada's Jam - Apricot

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