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Sambucus canadensis 'Adams' and 'Johns'

Great for pies and wine! Produce huge clusters of large sweet purplish-black berries. Grow 8-10' tall and are hardy. We offer ADAMS and JOHNS as two varieties are needed for

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Great for pies and wine!  Our elderberries are cultivated varieties and are beautiful ornamentals. They produce huge clusters of large, sweet, purplish-black berries that are wonderful for pies and delicious homemade wine. They grow 8-10' tall. Are quite hardy, grow in any soil and are not bothered by insects or disease. Produce thousands of berries with no care at all. We offer two varieties, ADAMS and JOHNS, as two are needed for pollination. 18-24'' size. Pick them by the hundreds in clusters. Hold cluster under the faucet, and then quickly strip them from the stems by the hundreds with a fork for eating, cooking or freezing. Grow in sun or shade, even in wet and smoky conditions that would kill less hardy plants. Sold in pairs only.  Will ship in May.

    Product's Features
    Feature Value
    Max Height (feet):8-10'
    Plant Lighting:Full Sun
    Season Color:Summer

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