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Fruits & Nuts

Growing homegrown fruits, berries, nuts and other produce is such a joy. Direct Gardening offers a wide selection of plants and seed for sale that are easy to grow in home gardens and even containers! If you want to grow fruits, nuts or vegetables, first consider what you'd like to grow. Then determine if the plants are suitable for your hardiness zone and growing conditions. Many fruit and vegetable plants grow best in full sun, or six or more hours of direct sunlight daily. Next determine your soil type (sandy, clay or loamy) and its pH (acidic, neutral or alkaline) and how much space you have. Then start browsing plants for sale from Direct Gardening.
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Lion's Mane Mushroom Log

1 for $39.99
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White Oyster Mushroom

1 for $34.99

Hardy Olive

1 for $34.99
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Goji Berry

1 for $17.99
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Dwarf Juliet™ Cherry Tree

1 for $59.99 $44.99

Dwarf Romeo™ Cherry Tree

1 for $59.99 $44.99

Oh My!® Grape

1 for $69.99

RazzMatazz® Grape

1 for $49.99 $44.99

Pyramid Garden

1 for $59.99

Black Oyster Mushroom

1 for $34.99

Netting Pyramid Garden

1 for $19.99

Athena Cantaloupe

1 for $5.99

Honey King Watermelon

1 for $10.99

Delightful F1 Muskmelon

1 for $3.79

Aphrodite Cantaloupe

1 for $6.99

Yellow Doll Watermelon

1 for $7.99

Truck Buster Watermelon

1 for $3.49
Sweetheart Blueberry

Sweetheart Blueberry

1 for $11.99
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Elderberries Pair Collection

Elderberries Pair Collection

2 for $27.99
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