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Garden favorites, sweet and hot peppers are warm-season vegetables that can be grown in the garden, raised beds or containers. Pepper plants thrive in sunny gardens with well-drained soil. Most gardeners grow a variety of pepper plants, from the super hot ghost pepper to the popular hot peppers like cayenne and jalapeno peppers, to sweet and crisp California Wonder Sweet Peppers. Sweet peppers are usually eaten fresh or frozen. Hot pepper varieties are sometimes dried and used for seasoning. Both types are used in salsas. Peppers are usually started from seed indoors about six weeks before the last spring frost date. They're transplanted to the garden after all danger of spring frost has passed.
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Hot Pepper Mix

$1.79 – $4.49

Ghost Pepper

$2.19 – $5.49

Big Red Pepper

$1.59 – $3.99

Chocolate Beauty Pepper

$1.29 – $3.19

Dragon Cayenne Pepper

$3.79 – $9.99

Horizon Pepper

$1.99 – $4.99

Yellow Monster Pepper

25 seeds for $1.29

Better Red Mulch Film

1 for $17.99
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Carolina Reaper Pepper

1 for $14.99
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Ghost Pepper Plants

1 for $14.99
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Trinidad Scorpion Pepper Plant

1 for $14.99
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Golden California Wonder Pepper

Golden California Wonder Pepper

$1.29 – $3.19
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