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A great garden starts with the right seeds and plants, sunlight, water and proper planting and growing conditions. The right gardening supplies will help keep your vegetable garden, orchard or ornamental garden performing well. Direct Gardening offers a wide selection of gardening supplies, including traps and deterrents to keep insect and animal pests away from the garden. Other products lure beneficial butterflies and bats to the garden. We also offer plant foods and fertilizers that will give you plants a boost. The best time to buy gardening supplies is when you're ordering your plants. It's a good time to consider the type of gardening supplies you'd like to have on hand during the growing season.
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Recipe Book Goji Berry

1 for $12.99

Mini Seedmaster

1 for $7.99

Grow Light

1 for $74.99

Space Saver Pyramid Garden

4 for $119.99

The Tomato Factory

1 for $24.99
Buy More and Save!

Bamboo Butterfly House

1 for $24.99

Jack Pot 3'' square

25 for $9.99
Buy More and Save!

Jack Pot 2 1/4'' Square

25 for $5.29
Buy More and Save!

Jack Pots 3'' Round

25 for $7.29
Buy More and Save!

Jack Pot 2 1/4''' Round

25 for $4.49
Buy More and Save!

Tree of Life Habitat

1 for $44.99

Bat House

1 for $59.99

Peat Pot 5" Round

25 for $24.99
Buy More and Save!

Highrise Bee House

1 for $24.99

Peat Pot 4" Round

25 for $12.99
Buy More and Save!

Pyramid Garden

1 for $84.99

9'' Bulb Auger

1 for $19.99
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