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Broad Selection -With hundreds of products to fill every spot in yards and gardens, Direct Gardening's suppliers have been leaders in the mail order nursery stock and seed business since the late 1800's.  Millions of gardeners count on names like House of Wesley, and Royal Dutch to provide the selection they need at the prices they want, and since 1999 Direct Gardening has been their Internet source.   

Convenient Ordering - Our secure ordering process is quick, easy, and reliable.

Timed Shipping - All of our products are hand selected, wrapped, and packaged to guarantee that they are ready to plant upon arrival.  We carefully monitor the weather and ship orders to various parts of the United States, Puerto Rico, and the US Virgin Islands as weather permits, and conditions are right for planting.  We even split up orders so that products arrive at right time of year.

Satisfaction Guaranteed - All of our products are backed by a 1-year guarantee.  What more can anyone ask for!

Specials, Sales, and More -  We offer customers our famous 1 cent sale items, special collections, and our fantastic "Gardener's Handbook," which is full of gardening advise and valuable "how-to" information.   

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Our partnership with Commission Junction allows you to sign up right now and start earning commissions today.  Sign up quickly and easily in 3 easy steps:

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