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Super Grow© Booster

Super Grow© Booster

Fruits plants and vegetables zoom up to 3 times bigger and 5 times faster! Just two applications gets results. Actual Plant Research Station tests have shown miracle growth results of this new Enzyme "Booster Shot". This season instead of feeding fertilizing and nursing your garden to grudgingly yield a handful of flowers - you can grow teeming masses of florist-size bouquets PLUS bumper crops of gourmet-size fruits and vegetables! Why settle for a few measly blooms when just two applications of "SUPER GROW" can grow them by the thousands! Grow bigger strawberries tomatoes flowers and much more! A super growth stimulator! Yet 100% safe for children and pets! Plus it's all natural too! One 8 oz. concentrate bottle equals eight quarts. Mix 1 oz of product with 1 qt of water.

We ship this item in both Spring and Fall


Packed 1 per bag Ships in both Spring and Fall
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